Best Leggings for Short Legs; Top 6 That Makes the Cut for 2022

"If you are looking for best Yoga Leggings for Short Legs you are on the right page. We reviewed the best six products and made it a lot easier and less time consuming  for you to buy"

Understanding Yoga Leggings for Short Legs

Buying the perfect pair of bottomwear, be it athleisure or straight leisure, can sometimes turn out to be moments of disaster for short women.

Well, to be more specific on this- women with short legs. No matter whichever pair you try on, there’s always a few inches of additional fabric bunching up around your ankle. And who likes to go out like that? We understand your problem! We really do.

And so, we have brought to you a compact list of the best leggings for short legs which are available online. If you are planning on buying some active wear for yourself, buying leggings for short legs can be quite tricky.

The main reason being that its quite boring to find a few short ones among most of the full-length options that are widely available.

On the other hand, you are a sweat-loving freak too! And for all of that we have this list of the 6 best workout leggings which are specially made for women with short legs and petite body type.

Specially designed for you, you’ll be thankful for this list of leggings as you say bye-bye to the bunching up, double waistbands and DIY quick fixes to get them to the right length.

Best Yoga Leggings for Short Legs ; Our Top 6


High Waist Capris with Three Pockets

Our Views

The length, the waist, the pockets the opaque comfortable fabric is where our heart lies! And this one checks all the boxes off our checklist for the perfect leggings.

What we like in it

  • High Waist 
  • Non-Transparent  
  • With Pockets
  • Tummy Control Waist Band 

High Rise Weekender Legging

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The UPF protection is an additional reason for to love it apart from the basics of high-waist, non-transparency, softness etc. Also, we love the pop of colour it adds to our attire!

What we like in it

  • High Waist 
  • Non-Transparent  
  • With Pockets
  • 50+ UPF Protection 

Ultra High Knockout Leggings

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Oh! The Metallic Graphic Print is all that we love about it! We couldn’t find a legging more quirky than this and you will not find one too, we guarantee you! However, the no pockets design makes us a little sad there!

What we like in it

  • High Waist  
  • Non-Transparent  
  • Without Pockets
  • Over-lock Stitch 
  • Metallic Graphic Print

Linea Cropped Legging

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The colour of the legging is what caught my eyes first and then when I looked into the features my reaction was nothing less than ‘wow’! It is indeed a great pair of leggings, especially for short women.

What we like in it

  • High Waist  
  • Non-Transparent 
  • With Pocket
  • Double-Layer Gusset 
  • Power Mesh Insets 

Wrap Band Cropped Legging

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The stylish wrap band around the waist got my attention right away! Team it up with a sports bra or a crop top and we are good to go!

What we like in it

  • High Waist  
  • Non-Transparent 
  • Inner-Lining
  • Double-Layer Gusset

E Nation Alpine Legging

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Very stylish, very comfortable and a very durable pair of legging. It gives a perfectly wonderful fit with a high level of comfort quotient. However, if it came with an in built pocket, it would have just made it better all the more.

What we like in it

  • High Waist  
  • Non-Transparent  
  • Inner-Lining
  • Double-Layer Gusset  

Now coming to the detailed product Reviews one by one. 

Detailed Review; Top 6 Yoga Pants for Petites 

# 1 High Waist Capris with Three Pockets 

Capris and 7/8ths are perfect for women with short legs. They are just the right lengths which come up near to your ankles or a little higher without bunching up. And for that, the Dragon Fit High Waist legging works as a great option.

It is made up of skin-friendly, soft and smooth fabric which offers a low-friction performance and it is absolutely non-see-through. With side pockets and an additional hidden pocket, these pair of leggings looks into convenience along with comfort.

The 4 way-stretch gives the fabric extra flexibility making it comfortable all the more for you to move around or jump around in them.

With the high waist band design and the double stitch inseam technology, the Dragon Fit Yoga Pants are perfect for those girls complaining about their short legs!

Users have talked greatly about this active wear not only because of the above mentioned features but also for its durability and fit.

The comfort fit designing helps to flatter your body and your curves by staying put in all the right places and not rolling up or down- its neither too tight or nor too baggy. Also, we have no doubt about its durability! The double-stitch says it all!

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# 2 High Rise Weekender Legging

Do you see the panel running down from the sides? Well, that adds bit of a length to the body when short people choose to wear it.

The cropped design of this pair of High Waist Weekender Legging does make a huge difference for the shorter ladies. The small bit of ankle that shows at the bottom gives your legs a taller and a sleeker look.

So, if you want to add some fun and pop of colours to your boring training session, then this legging is the right choice for you. Made of polyester and spandex this pair is comfortable, vibrant, and durable and comes in a high rise and fitted leg style.

This midi legging is non-see-through, light weight and is made of power stretch knit. This makes the fabric very flexible and thus does not cause any hindrance to your movement.

It also comes with side pockets and so you need not worry about its utility and convenience just like you do not have to worry about its comfort. This one is indeed a great buy for women with shorter legs and we just love it!

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# 3 Ultra High Knockout Leggings

This metallic graphic printed cropped legging is one of our favourites.

This cracker of a legging is made of athletic jersey material which is composed of nylon and spandex which further ensures its comfort, durability and shelf-life.​

It comes with an over-lock stitching on the inseams which makes you choose it for the long haul. 

Whether you are buying it for your gym, workout sessions or as a casual wear, this knockout legging is full of quirk and fun.

The high-waist design with a broad waistband prevents it from rolling up or down make every movement of your comfortable and smooth.

The non-transparent fabric is soft and smooth which makes your curves look great. The cropped ankle length works great for women, especially those who are shorter in height to avoid all the bunching up or the DIY stitches to get them to the length which is perfect for their height.

 And let us not get started on the neon holographic print! That’s one of the biggest reasons why we love it so!

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# 4 Linea Cropped Legging

Available in a beautiful jade colour, this cropped legging from Linea matches all the checks and balances that we have in our checklist while buying a legging.

It is durable, vibrant, comfortable, flexible and most importantly it is perfect for women who claim to have short legs. 

The cropped ankle length gives a taller and sleeker look to your figure and the fit is just ‘oh-so-amazing’- neither too tight nor to loose. 

It sits perfectly on your body and the high waist band does not let it roll up or down or in any other direction. The material is super soft and super smooth as it is made of polyester and spandex which further gives it a supportive and a four-way stretch.

You can wear this one for your casual day/night outs or wear them for your heavy cardio or yoga sessions. The Linea cropped legging is what we are crushing on right now. The double-layered gusset helps to hold the pants in place and gives full overage along with the right amount of support that you need.

The power mesh insets make the legging breathable in the high-sweat zones of your legs, thus making it more super-duper comfortable for you.

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# 5 Wrap Band Cropped Legging

Leggings are in fashion right now! From athleisure to straight leisure you can wear them for both.

And this wrap band cropped legging holds style and comfort both in place and in the most perfect way. This chic legging is a great wear for all women- both short and tall.

The stylish wrap band on the waist makes it unique and better. Sitting perfectly on your waist, this cropped legging comes in a black sheen colour which makes it a versatile wear all-round the year.

Made of polyester and elastane, this cropped legging is comfortable, durable and flexible. The fit is amazing as it comes with a double-layer gusset preventing it from rolling up or down every time you move.

Working out will be more like a performance you are putting up in your studio while this pair of legging holds your bends, folds and balance like a boss!

Ever-stylish and ever-comfortable, this wrap band cropped legging is a pair everyone should go for. Oh, and it also comes with an inner lining.

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# 6 E Nation Alpine Legging

Short ladies, letting you in on a simple trick while buying a great pair of legging.

Go for leggings which have panels or vertical lines as they help you to add height to a short frame.

This pair of P.E Nation Alpine Legging has a retro vibe to it which I personally love!

This is a perfect comfortable gear for you to wear to your dance class, gym, yoga or even for a day out running around accomplishing your chores.

Made of polyester and elastane, this pair is lightweight and super comfortable. It is designed with a 4 way stretch which and contrast panels which makes it great for both style and comfort.

The waist rise is also high and so you do not have to worry about them rolling up or down as and when you move. The cropped design makes it look stylish and the whole pair makes you look taller, sleeker and ever so stylish.

Wear this and step out! You will surely make heads turn! And also you do not need to worry about its transparency- it’s absolutely opaque!

Concluding Thoughts

We understand how problematic buying bottomwear can be for short women- it is a real struggle finding the best pair of comfortable leggings which do not need to brunch up near the ankle.

To make your hassles easier we have rounded up the best leggings for short legs and now you do not have to worry about hemming them or cutting them short.

Buying leggings for shorter can be a nightmare but we are here to help you through that! So, find the best pair from this list and go ahead! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed in any way!

So are you all ready to shop?

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