6 Best Yoga Pants And Leggings For Petites In 2022

"If You Are Looking For Best Yoga Pants  and leggings For Petites You Are On The Right Page. We Researched The Space For 35 Long Hours To Come Up With Our Top 11 Suggestions. Best Part Is We Also Tell You Which One We Like The Most."

Shopping active bottom wear in itself is a task. And this job gets tougher when you are shorter or have a smaller build than the ‘standard’. Ugh! We understand how difficult it is.

Yoga Pants and Leggings for Petites

However, over the years yoga pants and leggings have become quite a thing in today’s fashion trend and that is why a number of popular brands have come up with designs which are inclusive of all body sizes.

Therefore, when you come back home after buying them, you do not have to do any alterations or put effort into any kind of DIY hacks to bring them to your correct length.

But, there’s still a bit of searching you’ve got to do!

So, go ahead with this article and you’ll find our selection of best yoga pants for best fits and design for petites. These will be the right choices for your busy and active life.

Whether you are hitting the gym or meeting your friends for lunch, these yoga pants are epitome of comfort. Buy and wear one from this list and you are more than good to go!

How We got to the Best Yoga Pants and Leggings For Petites?

With so many awesome leggings and yoga pants for Petites doing rounds, it becomes really difficult to get to the best ones. So, we thought we will put our ability and expertise to work and find out the best one that suits the small structured and petite body types. 

It took us 35 long hours to go through everything available on internet and reviews to come up with this top 11 selection of Yoga Pants and Leggings. 

We will first take you through the comparison of them and then we will be describing them one by one in far more details. We will take up Yoga Pants and Leggings separately. 

If you are in a real hurry the comparison table will be of help.

And the Winner Yoga Pant from Our 35 + Hours Research Is...

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants High-Rise

Our Rating

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Best Yoga Pants for Petites; Comparison Table

Now coming to the detailed product Reviews one by one. 

Detailed Review; Top Yoga Pants for Petites

# 1

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants 

Our Rating

On Amazon

Since we are zeroing down on the best yoga pants for petites that are available in the online market, it is no surprise that Lululemon has the first and foremost feature in the list.

Lululemon makes some of the best active wears and most importantly they have a separate section for petite women.

Wow, right?

These leggings are comfortable and flexible for petite women without having any gathers around their ankles or having to pull them up to get the correct length. They provide you with the best coverage when you are pushing your limits (and we mean it literally).

Made of nylon, polyester and lycraelastane, this is a perfect pair of yoga pants for all the petite women out there. Available in a variety of colors these pants are designed to be high-waist and also come with pockets.

The 4 way stretch gives all that comfort and flexibility for you to move around in your workout or yoga session or even for running around doing all the house chores.

Convenient, comfortable, durable and flexible- Lululemon Wunder Yoga Pants are all those words put together! No need for any tailoring or DIY hacks, this pair is gorgeous and you’ll be super-happy with the fit, the length and definitely the fabric.

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What we like in it ?

  • It has a Non Transparent hence very comfortable to use  
  • Breathable 
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Affordable Pricing 

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# 2

Satva Mid Rise Full Length Tashi Yoga Pants

Our Rating

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Having a petite figure is a blessing until you step out to buy a pair of comfortable leggings for your workout or yoga session. All that gathers around the ankle making you look shorter is a big turn-off!

Yes, we feel you! And that is why we have brought to you another best option for leggings for small-built women. Available in three vibrant colors, the Satva yoga pants are specifically designed for petites. 

Made of recycled polyester and lycra, the material is naturally breathable and absorbs all the sweat which helps to keep you drier for a longer time. However, this pair comes in a mid-rise fit which makes it even more comfortable without it getting rolled up or rolled down during your movement.

 It provides maximum comfort and contour to your body giving you a flawless streamlined look. The 4 way stretch and the non-see-through fabric make it a great option when you are frantically looking out for the best pair of yoga pants for yourself!

All the petite women out there buy this one and you’ll be elated to put them on.

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What we like in it ?

  • It is soft and extremely easy to carry  
  • It looks superb! 
  • It is Naturally breathable fabric.
  • It is very easy to maintain
  •  Good Amazon offers along with this high selling towel 

On Amazon

# 3

Manduka Women's Essential Yoga Pants

Our Rating

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Durability, comfort, non-transparent and flexibility are the right words to describe this pair of essential mid-rise leggings.

Perfect for petite-framed women, these are available in a number of colors and sizes. Small-built women will love this pair because they do not have to pull it up right up to their ribs or have to perform some kind of DIY tailoring methods to get them to the right length. 

This one is available in a number of quirky prints and is made of a very comfortable material which is a mixture of Nylon and Elastane. The contoured waist-construction design gives the body a flattering sculptured look which enhances every bit of your curves in their right places.

This pair is a must have for supreme comfort and performance and provides the wearer with full coverage. You are full of new confidence once you put them on. The classic mid-rise design with a double-layer gusset keeps the waist in place without rolling up or down during movement.

And oh yes! It comes with an in-built pocket too! So, with the other descriptive words you can easily put in ‘convenience’ too!

What we like in it ?

  • It has Polyester, Elastin  
  • It has a Non Transparent 
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • It is very easy to maintain
  • Ankle Cut
  •  Mid Rise

On Amazon

# 4

Manduka Cross Back Crop Yoga Pants

Our Rating

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By now you must have realized that cropped lengths in yoga pants are perfect for small-built women.

The cropped-length gives a comfortable fit with full coverage without gathering near the ankles.

This Cross-Back crop legging is therefore a great piece of a yoga pant for petite women.

It is stylish, comfortable, non-transparent and breathable. The soft material and the attention to detail make this the cream of all the crops. It fits snugly on your waist giving it the flattering contour.

The performance of this pair is beyond imagination because of the 4-way stretch fabric it is made of. Available with a pocket the classic mid-rise waist comes with a double-layer gusset which keeps the waist right in place no matter how whimsically you wish to move about!

However, dry cleaning must be avoided with all means as it can lead to winking and the breath-ability performance of the yoga pants.

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What we like in it ?

  • It is made of cotton and Non Transparent 
  • 4 Way Stretch 
  • Contoured waist construction with built in media pocket
  • Feminine rouching at side waistband seams
  • Four-way stretch fabric

On Amazon

# 5

Manduka Women's Mesh Crop Yoga Pants

Our Rating

On Amazon

We feel that crops are the best for petite women, majorly because of the length.

This gives a good fit and a proper coverage to the body enhancing all the curves in the right places. 

Made of a comfortable fabric (polyester and elastane) this style of yoga pants are available in a variety of royal and vibrant colors. 

This is indeed a great athleisure wear for the petite women. It oozes comfort, durability, affordability and flexibility with every move.

Users have rated this pair of cropped yoga pants very highly not only because of the above mentioned factors but also because of its sheen, classy look and because of its non-transparency. The design of this pair of yoga pants is so chic that it provides a flirtatious contour to your waist.

The classic mid-rise waist with the double-layer gusset make it an easy-pull on wear while keeping the waist put in its right place no matter how you move. Once you wear them to your yoga session or wear them casually, this pair is sure to become your favorite until its wear and tear!

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What we like in it ?

  • Absorbent surface, Machine Wash  
  • Ultra lightweight and compressive four-way stretch fabric
  • Novelty power mesh for added breathability 
  • Contoured waist construction

On Amazon

# 6

WZXY Floral Printed Ankle-Length Yoga pants 

Our Rating

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Made of polyester, these ankle-length yoga pants are sure to become a petite woman’s go-to active wear.

The quirky print makes it vibrant and attractive all the more. The strong elastic waist makes it for an easy pull-on wear and giving a chic and stylish look to your body.

The 4 way active stretch material makes it non-transparent, durable and movable with every whimsical move of the wearer.

So, once you wear these you do not have to worry about bending, squatting, stretching or anything that you wish to do.These pair of yoga pants is being highly praised not only by the users but also in the fashion world too because of its comfort, durability and most importantly because of its affordability. 

This one also does not come with in-built pockets but they do come with the ability to tailor the hem if required. So, petite girls you surely have no worries whatsoever with these ones!

What we like in it ?

  • 100% Polyester 
  • Ankle-Length PantsClosure Type:Elastic Waist 
  • Closure Type:Elastic Waist 
  • Fabric Type:Broadcloth

On Amazon

Yoga Pants for Petites; Buying Guide 

Being a woman with a petite build, you often have to ignore the few inches of cloth gathered around your ankles or having to pull up your pants up to your ribs when you are out shopping a couple of active bottom wears.

Do not Worry about The Long Inseams

Over the years, yoga pants have come a full circle and now they are back in trend. Many companies are coming out with different styles and designs for yoga pants and for various body types. So, you no longer have to worry about those long inseams that make yoga pants uncomfortable for a petite woman to wear.

Look For The Most Comfortable Ones

After all, yoga pants are all about comfort and flexibility. If you are a fitness freak and also a small-built woman, then you are finally in the right place. Here we are with a list of 6 best yoga pants for petites- especially designed for you.

Durability and Flexibility

Keeping in mind their durability, comfort, flexibility and many more factors we have reached the conclusion these are the 6 best yoga pants available for you.

Concluding Thoughts

Being a petite girl has a whole lot of perks to it. But buying an active wear can turn a petite girl into a beast. There’s so much thought that needs to be given while buying an active bottom wear, especially for a small-built women- the right size, the right fit, the right material, the right length and so on and so forth.

But now all the petite women out there have nothing to fret about. Petite active wear does exist and we have helped you by zeroing down on the best ones. Pick the right one for yourself among these 6 best yoga pants for Petites and you’ll be glad to come across this article!

So are you all ready to shop?

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