How to Clean Yoga Mats? Zero Hassle Process

Whether you have lost the manufacturer’s directions on how to clean yoga mats or maybe, you didn’t get one in the very first place, this blog would be beneficial for you.

Keeping your yoga accessories squeaky clean would pay you back in the long run. It is extremely important to maintain good hygiene.

It is very common for yoga mats to get dirty over time, with all the sweat, oil, soil and dirt. It can even get dirtier if you leave it back at the yoga studio. This is the reason why you should know how to maintain it. By cleaning it frequently, you would also be adding to its life.

How to clean Yoga Mats?

How to Clean if it is Less Dirty? Regular Upkeep

If your yoga mat is slightly dirty, then you can use a solution of water and dish soap on it. You can use it with the help of a sponge. 

Once you have wiped the mat with the soapy water, repeat the process with clean water. And yes, do not forget to dry it with a terry cloth towel. Hang it in the air to dry completely before you can start using it again.

How to Clean Very Dirty Yoga Mats?

If your mat is full of dirt and grime, you need to take some serious action for it. You should immerse it in a warm water and detergent solution.

Make sure you ditch harsh detergents and opt for mild ones. You can hand wash the mat and then, dip it in clean water. Do not forget to squeeze out the extra water. After that, lay your yoga mat on a towel and roll the yoga mat and towel – altogether.

You can then hang it in the air.

Your yoga mat needs to be treated well because it is one of the most necessary gym accessories. You can't just do without a good yoga mat! If you have physical goals, then this would be the only item that would stay with you throughout the journey.

This is the reason why you need to inspect it from time to time and clean it using proper measures. Do not use harsh chemicals on it as that might ruin the material completely.

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How to keep Yoga Mats Clean? Most Healthy Practice

We always encourage our readers to use a yoga towel, which would act as a barrier between the user and the mat. This would keep the practice hygiene and even keep the mat clean.

If you use the mat outdoors, then make sure you use a towel. You can even stay away from allergies if you oblige by this rule. It would also keep the mat odor-free.

Make sure you clean yourself before you hit the studio. Wash your hands and feet before you start your meditation or yoga class. This way, you would be practicing your yoga in a much better way.

It would benefit you in more ways than you realize.

After each class, you can use a damp cloth on your yoga mat to clean it. This simple gesture would ensure that your mat serves the purpose for a long time.

You can even look out for ready made yoga mat cleaners on Amazon. You can spray it on a piece of cloth and then use the cloth to wipe the surface of the mat.

For example, you can use this cleanser from Asutra which would clean and refresh your mat in no time. It is a quick fix for your dirty yoga mat.

The peppermint scent is what we love about it. So fresh! Bid goodbye to dust, germs, dirt, sweat, etc. with it!

However, you have to ensure that the mat is completely dry before you roll it up and put it back in the cupboard.

If you want to wipe it, then this mat cleaner wipes from Giant Lion is what we recommend. The white lavender smell is refreshing and apt for stinky mats. It is free of toxins and is safe to use. And yes, no residue as well!

Once a month, you need to clean the mat thoroughly. It might seem to be a major task in the beginning but you will soon realize that it is not that tough.

You can use dish soap and water for the same. Many people prefer using baking soda for thoroughly cleaning their yoga mats.

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Important Yoga Mat Cleaning Pro-Tips and Caveats

#1 Always Be Gentle With It

Do not use anything that would scrape off the material or is too harsh for soft mats. Gently clean it. It is extremely important to rinse it properly with water after you use any kind of soap on it.

Otherwise, you will be slipping and sliding and end up making a scene! You can also hire professional help for this.

After it has dried, it would be better to let it breathe in fresh air for some time before rolling it up again.

But yes, do not keep it under the harsh sunlight for too long. Read the instruction manual for some knowledge. All these points can vary as they also depend on the fabric of the yoga mat.

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#2 Do Not Mix It With Other Clothes In Washing Machine 

Try not to dump your mat in the machine with other clothes. We would ask you to skip using a washing machine for the mat altogether.

However, if you still want to put it in the washer, then make sure you use cold water and no spin cycle. You should also check if the material can bear it or not. It is always better to check with the manufacturer. Visit their website for more information.

You can also hose it down with water once in a while. If it stinks (especially during the hot months), then you need to clean it more frequently.

#3 Maintain Regularly

Good maintenance and cleaning go a long way. It is a very healthy practice. Remember that a yoga mat witnesses the first time you get enrolled for the class, struggling to bring in some positive change in your mind and body.

It also witnesses how happy you become after shedding the initial few kilos! It is a partner and would be there for you through smiles, pain, sweat and more.

So take care of it.

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#4 Replace Weary Ones

If your yoga mat is peeling or wearing off, it is always better to purchase a new one. There is no point in cleaning it as it would further deteriorate it.

So these are a few points you need to keep in mind and you are good to go. If you have any doubts, you can write to us.

This Video below will help you to understand better. 

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