How to Tie a Yoga Strap to Fix Posture?

When it comes to yoga gears, most of us miss on an essential. Yes, you caught us right! We are talking about yoga straps, which are very much needed for your yoga sessions. We are sure that you have already shopped for a fantastic yoga mat and a yoga towel, and of course, a stretchable and comfy pair of yoga clothes, but if you still haven’t shopped for a yoga strap, then you must invest on it now. However, you need to know how to tie a yoga strap to use it properly.

If your DIY skills rock, then you will be able to do it within a few minutes. You will get the detailed know-how in this blog.


Yoga Strap; How It Helps?

Now, you must be thinking – “Is it at all necessary to invest in a strap?”

Well, here are a few points which you need to learn to understand the advantages before buying a yoga strap. If you have yoga goals in mind, then this would help you achieve postures that are not possible on your own.

It will improve your alignment and form as well as help you balance. You will undoubtedly get the right support for the most difficult positions with a stretchable and robust yoga strap.

Some of the common exercises such as side stretch, Natarajasana, Dandasana, and UpavisthaKonasana, opening the shoulders, Gomukhasana Arms, seated forward bend, bound angle pose, extended hand t big toe, etc. can get a lot easier and better if you use a good yoga strap.

Moreover, you can also tie your yoga strap and carry your mat in it. A strap basically acts as an extension of your limbs, allowing you with enough support and stability. If you are recovering from an injury, then also a yoga strap can magically help you heal and execute poses in the right manner. It will help you stop slouching, which can prevent severe backaches.

You can check this video to know how a yoga strap can improve your posture.

To know how to tie it for the most famous and effective yoga postures, kindly read on.

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How to Tie a Yoga Strap Properly? Detailed FAQ

Yoga straps are generally used in a loop, so make sure you get a long strap that would help you hold each side in a comfortable manner. The length of your yoga strap would also depend on your height. Before you start using the strap, make sure you do a few exercises to warm up your body at first.

This is highly recommended so that you can make full use of your yoga strap.


How to Tie the Yoga Strap to Achieve Excellent Back Alignment?

To fix your alignment, you need to wrap it around your body to create a memory for proper posture. Drape it and make sure that equal lengths remain at both the ends. After that, you need to wrap the straps down and under your armpits – they must form a cross (X) on your back and you should, then pull them towards your body.

The tighter you tie it, the more aligned your back would be.

Secondly, to tie it properly for achieving better postures, you need to sit down and reach your left arm down and behind your back. Meanwhile, your right arm would be above and behind your back and you should try to grasp the two.

A tight and sore shoulder might prevent this but if you use a yoga strap and let the right hand reach the left hand, then it would boost the flexibility.


How to Tie it for Utthita Hasta Padangustasana?

You should also use the yoga strap while doing your Utthita Hasta Padangustasana. For this, you should take your leg out (in the front). Gaze to your left side (assuming you have stretched the right leg) on the next breath and bring out the other leg.

Now, you should loop your solid yoga strap around your foot and use the additional length until you can balance well.


How to Tie Your Yoga Strap for Natarajasana or Dancer’s Pose?

For the Natarajasana or Dancer’s Pose, keep the strap around each arch of your foot and then, cross over the straps. Make a cross on your foot as well. Ask someone to give you the support when you are practicing for the first time. Place your unstrapped foot through the loop and put the strapped one behind you.

Now, pull up your foot, bend your arms and also lift behind your head.


How to Tie it for BaddhaKonasana?

You can also tie your yoga strap and use it for a bound angle pose. If you have tight hips, then doing this posture can be quite difficult with the help of a yoga strap. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try – thanks to yoga straps, you can now achieve the perfect pose with its help.

Sit with a straight back and extend your legs properly. Now, pull your heels towards the pelvis and put pressure on the soles of the feet. Now use the strap around the bottom side of your feet, and wrap the strap around your body. Can you feel it now? Tighten the strap according to comfort.

This would help you immensely by helping you achieve optimum flexibility. Trust us, you would never regret buying a good yoga strap.

You can, of course, try it for other poses as instructed by your trainer.


Concluding Thoughts

As you have understood by now, a yoga strap would help you deepen your practice in more ways than one. So what are you waiting for? You know how to tie a yoga strap. Just research and buy a good one and take your first step towards physical wellbeing. Be the yogi that you have always inspired to be and achieve mindfulness and calmness like never before.

To know about other yoga essentials, such as hot yoga towels and swings, kindly keep an eye on this blog section. We try to post interesting content for yogis on a regular basis.

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