Yoga for Cancer Cure: Myth or Reality ?

Yoga For Cancer Cure! Is it even possible? Well, get all your answers here.

Understanding Yoga:

Yoga- a 5000-year-old practice that originated in India is all about a practice of meditation, relaxation, and breathing involving various poses and postures which help to strike a balance between the mind, body, and soul.

When practiced it brings about healthy living- physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually.

Yoga, when combined with exercise, is believed to treat many ailments and diseases while reducing stress, increasing strength, body pains, and various many other things.

It is a practice that harmonizes your mind, body, and soul and therefore is often used as a method to stay healthy, calmer and for preventing illnesses.


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The Co-Relation Between Cancer and Yoga:

Cancer is a disease that is on a rise all over the world and we all are aware of how chronic it can be. Now, what do you think is the connection between cancer and yoga? Well, reports and studies have found evidence that yoga along with conventional medical treatments can be actually helpful.

Why? This is because cancer is a chronic illness which comes with a lot of side diseases and side effects (oftentimes caused due to the medication even) like asthma, diabetes, heart diseases, migraine, etc and even though yoga alone cannot cure cancer but it can definitely relieve patients of these side illnesses.

However, it should never be used as the only way to treat cancer or any other diseases whatsoever.

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Yoga Makes the Patient Feel Good

What yoga does is primarily make the patients feel good because, after all, relaxes the mind and brings it in sync with your physical body which helps you to stay calm and composed. It is one of the most natural ways to deal with stress, anxiety or depression as it uplifts your mood leading to a healthy physical and mental well-being.

Surveys have suggested that cancer patients have agreed that practicing yoga has really helped them to cope better and stay healthy both physically and mentally. Mentally, it definitely helps by keeping you off of all that anxiety, stress and depression that comes barging in along with the chronic illness by calming your mind.

Physically, it helps to reduce the symptoms of side effects such as pains, sleep disorders, and various other infinite problems.

However, all of that being said, there are actually no numbers or scientific pieces of evidence which prove that yoga can ‘cure’ or ‘prevent’ a disease like cancer. All it does is help the patients cope better- both physically and mentally.

Studies show that patients with cancer have been relieved of anxiety and depression leading to proper sleep cycles, better-controlled mood swings and overall has deemed them with spiritual healthy well-being. Cancer patients who practice yoga regularly have also reported reduced physical tiredness, weakness and exhaustion thus promoting an improved quality of life and an overall better physical living.

It is therefore true that following a regular yoga programmed do have some positive psychological effects as well as physical benefits patients with cancer.

Yoga, as an exercise has a low rate of side effects and injuries caused by it are also quite low. Therefore, it is a safer form of physical activity for cancer patients to be involved with. Because it is a low-impact activity, patients with cancer may engage themselves in yoga programs but only after consulting their doctors.

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Yoga Sessions for Cancer Patients:

A yoga session usually lasts between 20 minutes to an hour where it all begins with gentle and subtle movements of various parts of the body along with slow and careful breathing patterns. The breathing pattern while practicing yoga is specific and should be done the right way as you have to breathe right from the center of your abdomen.

Patients also undergo guided relaxation, meditation, and even visualizations to calm their minds. With the help of chanting of mantras (meaningful and calming words or phrases), the mind achieves a deeper state relaxation and calmness. Patients have reported feeling better just after a couple of sessions. However, it is important that it is continued for better results.

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Yoga is not only helpful for cancer patients but it also helps with other health problems like high blood pressure, back problems, pains, epilepsy, anxiety, depression and many other things. Thus, whether for patients or otherwise, practicing yoga is a good habit.

It keeps your body active without putting on much stress or pressure on your body while bringing your mind to peace. It has a calming effect on you and you feel relaxed at the end of the session.

Patients should however never depend on it solely as a treatment or others should not regard it as a way of preventing illnesses. Yoga is therefore helpful for cancer patients but only under trained guidance and after consulting respective health care provide


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